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Maersk One Stop IMPORT Solution (MDDC)

Maersk Demurrage and Detention Collection (MDDC) is a collaboration platform between Maersk and Depot which enables customer to view important details. You can access the information through below buttons

After ETA Dec 06, 2021
(Mexico 147S)

After ETA 17 Maret 2022
(TINA I 208S)

After ETA 13 Maret 2023 
Meratus Medan 5 (310S)

Semarang, Panjang

  1. Maersk Import Procedure
    Covering all procedure for import from Bill of Lading, Invoice, DO release to Empty Return.


  2. Maersk Web Guidance
    Step by Step on how to access information in Maersk website such as Notice of Arrival, invoice, e-payment, etc.


  3. Container Guarantee Letter - CGL (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan Only)
    Checking the status of your company whether it has been registered for CGL.


  4. DO Release
    Checking the details of your delivery order. Data will be available in MDDC starting on ETA-2.

    • Payment Status
      No need to wait for email confirmation anymore; if the Confirm is [Yes], your payment is confirmed received. Please make the payment using e-payment so that you can get direct official receipt.

    • DO Release Status
      If the Release is [Yes]; Online DO will be directly sent to port (Jakarta : NPCT-1 and CDP; Surabaya : TPS; Medan : BICT) and E-DO will be sent to customer. For branches (SEM,PAG,), MTKon will release DO after supporting documents submitted.

    • E-DO Request for Customs Purpose (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan Only)
      For Overbrengen, Quarantine and Red Line containers discharged at Jakarta/Surabaya/Medan, E-DO can be requested via MDDC and Maersk will send E-DO via email as per CGL. Request E-DO via email will not be attended.


  5. Demurrage and Detention (DnD) calculation
    Checking the calculation of your DnD charge prior returning empty container to MDDC Website. Data will be available on vessel arrival.

    • Rate of Exchange Information
      Check the valid ROE everyday as reference for DnD payment

    • Free Time Days Information
      Check the amount of free time days you have for specific shipment.

    • Empty Return Date

    • Check the date of your empty container gate-in at MDDC Website.

    • Appointed Depot for Empty Return Information

              Check the appointed depot name where you should return empty container.

              For Maersk container, please return to
              Jakarta :
              Before vessel MEXICO 147S – ETA 3 Dec, please return to MTKon Depot
              Start from vessel MEXICO 147S – ETA 3 Dec, please return to Seacon Depot
              Surabaya :
              Before vessel TINA I 208S – ETA 17 March 2022, please return to MTKon Depot
              Start from vessel TINA I 208S – ETA 17 March 2022, please return to Seacon Depot
              Semarang, Panjang : MTKon Depot
              Unless there is empty return depot change information.


              Before vessel MERATUS MEDAN 5 310S – ETA 13 March, 2023, please return to MTKon Depot

              After vessel MERATUS MEDAN 5 310S – ETA 13 March, 2023, please return to Intercon Depo​


   6. Empty Return Depot
       Check the address of Maersk Primary Depot for Empty Container Return at MDDC Website


   7. Port Websites
       Check port website address to access Online gate-pass at port (availability depends on each port)


   8. Equipment Repair
       Check the damage details of your empty container returned at MDDC Website.

       While for the detail charges please refer to Liability Letter that send to consignee’s email.

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